The estate is the Berces – a family who work, are happy, create, travel, and live together on their own little piece of paradise at the edge of the Vipava Valley.

Working on our own land is our highest value and way of life, and it has been running through our veins from generation to generation

Among vineyards for centuries

We have planted the vision of our family estate in the soil. We bring it to life each day with hard work and courage.

First, there was a dream that bore fruit soon after our studies. Stanka, a food technologist, and Matjaž, an agronomist, had a common vision and goal. To set up a family estate following the example of people we met abroad—in Italy and France—as students.

We began with a small one-hectare vineyard and a one-hectare peach orchard, knowledge and the determination to make our dreams come true.

We decided at the very beginning that our family would live off the estate, making it our only source of income. We have been following this vision ever since.

With time and effort, our current estate gradually grew from small beginnings. Our vineyards extend over 32 hectares in the Vipava Valley. All grapes from our vines turn into wine under our own Berce brand. Stemming from the challenges life has thrown at us and with creative disorder, we developed other homemade products besides wine: vinegar, jams, and spirits.

Family is the heart of our estate.

Our three children Marko, Miha and Staša are our team. Each of them is an important member of our family estate, which was established along the way as part of our family life. Day to day in the planned direction.

Our mission lies in genuine, first-class products – in flavours that stir the senses.

We believe in high-quality, authentic products which are a result of traditional production and modern technological knowledge.

The greatest reward for our efforts is satisfied customers. We want people to taste the warmheartedness, dedication, connection with nature and positive attitude to life in our products.
For this reason, we do not offer anything that we do not put on our table every day, nothing that does not grow in our native sunny Vipava soil.