Indulgences make life beautiful

Berce’s great indulgences are homemade products from our estate. They stem from our restless spirit that never tires and keeps encouraging us to create new flavours. Vinegar for aficionados, homemade jams, and spirits are prepared meticulously from home-grown ingredients according to our own recipes. Our sun-filled products include grapes from our vines, peaches from orchards, organically produced plums from solitary trees, and hand-picked herbs, all from the Vipava Valley.


The first condition for good vinegar is excellent wine. The second condition is time. Our vinegar is cultivated in a traditional way in barrique barrels. With ageing, it becomes naturally thicker and concentrated, and acquires its characteristic aromatic flavour.



Berce jam is prepared from juicy peaches from Vipava Valley orchards and plums from the solitary trees in the Vipava Valley. It is without additives, contains little added sugar, and made just like at home, contributing to its full fruity flavour – just like grandma used to make.



Berce spirits are based on the brandy we produce on our estate. It is made from wine lees, which gives it its neutral aroma, and is the basis for our various spirits and liqueurs.



VinGin in the latest speciality of the Berce Estate. It is a mixture of white wine, gin, and Vipava peaches, and made according to our house innovative recipe. This very special number is an excellent basis for cocktails and the soul of every party.