The alchemy of Vipava flavours

There is a story behind Berce spirits – they are based on our vines and knowledge of winemaking.
The basis of all our products is our brandy made from wine lees with distillation. The by-product of wine processing is our gold.
In comparison to brandy from other ingredients, brandy made from wine lees has a mild flavour without any of that distinctive brandy taste.
Crucial is our approach. Our philosophy is to create flavours that are as pure and authentic as possible and products whose ingredients are produced on our estate or in the Vipava Valley.
We have given the conventional and popular flavours of traditional liqueurs our own twist, spicing them with a splash of our character.

From Refošk to peaches, from blueberries to herbs

Berce Refošk liqueur is our derivative of the Teran liqueur.


Berce peach liqueur is a blend of Vipava peaches and white wine.


A herbal liqueur made from 46 Vipava herbs – a great speciality of our estate – is an upgrade of the recognisable herbal distillate with the power of local herbs.


Juniper brandy – Q če bit
Special homemade brandy made from juniper berries.


There is a plant for every illness

We all sometimes lack something, our stomach is not well, we have problems with digestion, and we feel we like are coming down with something. We do not know exactly what the reason why we feel under the weather but we feel a little below par, we instinctively reach for herbs. Their benefits are best enjoyed in the form of an extract in a blend soaked in brandy.

Berce herbal liqueur made from 46 Vipava herbs was made for our own needs from the gifts of nature.

The herbs for our liqueur are picked all year round – we begin with coltsfoot, pick a further 44 herbs throughout the year, and finish with juniper berries.

All the herbs are soaked in homemade brandy, strained, and bottled.
Our liqueur’s unique aroma stems from 46 herbs and plants from the Vipava Valley: coltsfoot, primrose, violet, wild strawberry leaves, spruce tips, fir tips, dandelion flower heads, white clover flower heads, yarrow, field horsetail, lady’s bedstraw, kidney vetch, thyme, anise, daisy, caraway, chamomile, juniper berries, lungwort, dandelion, lime tree, wild cherry, arnica, common centaury, blueberry, marjoram, Saint John’s wort, blackberry, ribwort and broadleaf plantain, lemon balm, horehound, wormwood, sage, acacia, rue, pot marigold, marsh mallow, tormentil, rosemary, elderberry, sweet wormwood, green walnut, coneflower, lady’s mantle, and horse chestnut flower heads.

The liqueur spoils us with its herbal flavour with a sweet note, and leaves a slightly bitter taste in the end which is the icing on the cake.

We consume it in small quantities by spoons, small scoops, occasionally, when needed.