Extra homemade jams from fruit from the Vipava Valley

The flavour of Berce extra homemade jams is very special, as it is ‘authentic fruit from the Vipava Valley in a jar’. Fruit that ripens in the Vipava Valley has a special flavour, thanks to the sun, which is abundant in this region, and the mild Mediterranean climate.

The flavours of the Vipava Valley enjoyed with a spoon – a sunbeam on your bread

Berce extra homemade peach jam is produced by hand. From hand-picked, hand-sorted, and pitted peaches. It is cooked for a short time, preserving the Vipava sun and the original fruity flavour. Due to the high content of carefully selected and naturally cultivated fruit, its flavour is almost like eating fruit with a spoon. With its appealing yellow-orange colour and distinctive Vipava peach flavour, it will sweetly refresh your mornings with its beautiful sweetness.


Berce extra homemade plum jam is handmade from naturally grown plums from the Vipava Valley. They are picked from solitary old plum trees in the Vipava Valley and surrounding hills. The jam is cooked for a short time, preserving as much of the Vipava sun and the original flavour as possible. It goes perfectly with aromatic cheeses.


As if they were made at home

The secret of our jams is in the fruit of just the right ripeness and high quality, and the procedure which is just as if you had made them at home.
The fruit for our jams is carefully selected. We only use organically grown peaches and naturally grown plums from solitary trees.

Sadje zanje pozorno izberemo. Uporabljamo le ekološko vzgojene breskve in naravno pridelane slive z osamelih dreves.

No rush – understanding the timetable dictated by nature

We pick the fruit when it is ripe enough – not under or over-ripened, healthy, not rotten, juicy, and full of flavour. Therefore, we make jam in stages, not all at once. Each stage is done separately – when the quality of the fruit is at its peak.
A lot of hard work is put in our jams – fruit is picked, sorted, and cleaned manually. At the end, we put them into jars and decorate them.

No artificial additives – nature is the master of flavours

Our jams are cooked quickly to make full use of the natural flavour of the fruit. We add as little sugar as possible. Sugar and fruit are the only ingredients. We do not use artificial preservatives and flavourings – our jams are entirely natural and homemade just as if you’d made them at home.

No shortcuts – authentic and natural

Extra homemade jam is a name for the highest quality class according to the Rules on the quality of jams, marmalades and similar fruit products. This group includes products with the highest prescribed fruit content.